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At Lee's Trees Australia, we aim to provide you with the best customer service and hassle free jobs when it comes to trees. We make sure that none of the surrounding is destroyed and take all necessary precautions on every job. We do offer customised jobs that suit your requirements. We provide the quality services for tree and stump removal at competitive prices.

Our Services

Lee's Trees Australia provides the below services in Ballarat and surrounding areas.  Please call Lee’s Trees Australia to organise a free quote for any of the following services that we provide:

Powerline Clearing:

Clearance around Service Wires:

Is your tree overgrowing your service wire?  If so, contact us at Lee's Trees Australia for a free quotation to have your tree trimmed back to the required distances.

Tree Pruning/Removals/ Felling/Stump Removal:

Reasons you may need a tree removed:

   * Dead Trees;

   * Nuisance Trees (usually species that endanger indigenous flora);

   * Trees that may pose a danger;

   * Trees that stand near power lines; or

   * Removal of fallen trees after storms and storm damage clean up.

Never remove a tree without consulting the council, as this can impose heavy fines.

Mulch & Chip Sales:

At times, we have an excess of Mulch available.  If you would like to purchase some, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Lee’s Trees Australia.

Pruning & Stump Grinding:

Lee’s Trees Australia pride themselves in having many years of experience in the tree field and getting the job done right the first time.  We have various aspects of removal that we can carry out, customising to your specific requirements and needs.  We also safely remove stumps as required.  These can be left on site for you to use as mulch.  Alternatively, we can take these with us on completion of the job.

Qualified climber:

The climbers at Lee’s Trees Australia are fully qualified to carry out these works in a safe manner.  Whether this is tree pruning or tree removal works in complex situation. Our climbers inspect the tree to determine the safest and best work method using risk controls measure at all times.  In all areas of our work, safety is our top priority.  


All the equipment at Lee’s Trees Australia is serviced on regular basis ensuring that that all works are carried out in a timely and efficient manner.  Our fleet at Lee’s Trees Australia includes:

   * EWP Towers – Various sizes

   * Tipper Chipper Trucks – Various sizes

   * Stump Grinders

   * Bobcat

   * Excavator

   * Crane

Tower & chipper hire

Land Clearing


Crown Thinning

Fully insured:

Lee's Trees Australia have Full Public Liability up to $20,000,000 and Workers Compensation Insurances.  We also hold a Business Licence and we have the relevant qualifications to carry out various aspects of the tree business.

View Our Public Liability Insurance Document

View Our Workcover Insurance Document